Awarded Grants


Year 2011$1,440,824
Annual Grants$1,440,824
Asian Art Museum - Promoting Art of the Persian World$50,000
Bidoun Magazine$25,000
California State University, Fresno, College of Arts and Humanities$200,000
Concordia University, Iranian Studies, Graduate Scholarship for Iranian Studies$75,000
Golestan Kids$4,082
Iranian Alliances Across Borders$36,742
Portland State University - Programs in Modern Persian/Iranian Studies$150,000
San Francisco State University - Minor in Persian Studies$150,000
San Jose State University - Iranian Studies at SJSU$200,000
UC Davis, MESA Studies Program for Building Iranian Studies Program$250,000
UC Irvine - Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture$300,000
Year 2010$5,178,723
Annual Grants$4,362,749
Access California Services (AccessCal)$39,000
Afghan Friends Network - Khurasan Learning Center$23,250
Associates in Cultural Exchange$10,000
Astronomers Without Borders - Telescope Making Workshop in Isfahan$10,000
Bay Area Iranian-American Voter Association (BAIVOTER)$50,000
Brown University - Study of Iranian History, Culture and Society$250,000
Butterfly Buzz - Census 2010 Awareness Project$6,000
Cambridge in America - Shahnameh Exhibition at Fitzwilliam Museum$10,000
Center for World Music - Persian Music Education in Southern California Schools$25,000
Chicago Persian School$8,000
Child Foundation - Adoption Program$35,000
Ethnic Social Services Referral Inc$2,000
Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian$100,000
Glendale Association for the Retarded - Multi-Cultural Program$5,000
Glendale College Persian Student Association$3,000
Glendon College Independent Research on Iran$5,000
Institute of International Education$10,000
Iran Heritage Foundation - IHF Digitization Project$195,000
Iran Heritage Foundation - Institutional Partnership Program$490,000
Iranian Alliances Across Borders$300,000
Iranian Alliances Across Borders Camp Ayandeh$15,000
Iranian American Bar Association - ALC/IABA Fellowship to Prevent Defamation$50,000
Iranian Children's Cultural and Educational Center$5,000
Kahrizak Foundation - Noor Active Living Center$100,000
LACMA - Publication of the Ancient Iranian Art collection$20,000
License to Freedom - Domestic violence issues in immigrant communities$30,000
Link Media Inc - Bridge to Iran series$10,000
Link Media, Inc.- Bridge to Iran$111,000
Moms Against Poverty - Helping Hand Poject$60,000
Moms Against Poverty - Rokhshana Girls School$20,000
National Legal Sanctuary for Community Advancement$25,000
NIAC - Building a Strong Community$111,000
NIAC - Building Civic Participation and Leadership$182,000
NIAC - Cultural Heritage: Preserving and Protecting Our Rich Traditions$153,000
Northern Illinios University$3,000
Oakland Youth Orchestra$4,000
Online Persian College of Modern Science, Art, and Humanities$100,000
ORAM Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration$100,000
Oriental Institute, University of Chicago - Persepolis Fortification Archive Project$200,000
Partner Pictures - From Texas to Tehran$20,000
Partner Pictures - From Texas to Tehran$30,000
Persian Art Society - LA Music School$50,001
Persian Cultural Center - Census Project$3,000
Promises Films, Educational Community Engagement for "Our Summer in Tehran"$76,000
Promises Films - Mourners and Me$10,000
Relief International - PARSA Fellows Program$29,000
San Francisco State University - Persian Cultural Heritage Studies$10,000
San Jose State University - Persian and Iranian American Studies Initiative$10,000
San Jose State University - Student Association for Middle Eastern Studies$3,000
San Mateo Public Library Foundation$5,000
Stanford University - Iranian Genome Project$250,000
Teachers Without Borders - PARSQUAKE Program$15,000
The University of Oklahoma Iranian Studies Institute Program$310,498
The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Middle Eastern Studies$141,000
Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy - Persian Perspective Project$300,000
Two Persian Weddings (Movie)$100,000
UC Berkeley, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Persian Lecture and Film Series$50,000
Universal Love Foundation - House of Hope$30,000
University of Maryland - Roshan Center for Persian Studies $25,000
Donor Advised Grants$815,974
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union$334
Amazon Watch$10,000
American Friends of the British Museum$3,800
American Heart Association$1,340
Esalen Institute$10,000
F.L.Y - Fresh Lifelines for Youth$5,000
Fidelity Investment Charitable Fund$303,512
Freedom House$7,000
Freedom House$3,000
Homeboy Industries$10,000
House of Ruth$10,000
Inner-City Arts$10,000
Institute of International Education$5,000
Iranian Scholarship Fd$2,676
Iranian Scholarship Foundation$339
ISCC for MAHAK$10,000
ISCC for MAHAK$1,500
Kahrizak Foundation$2,786
Kahrizak Foundation$1,037
Kimball Union Academy$20,000
LA Conservation Corp$10,000
License to Freedom$30,000
Link Media Inc$20,000
Menlo School$10,000
National Iranian American Council$10,000
National Iranian American Council$1,000
New America Foundation$20,000
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation$95,000
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation$4,668
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation$28,105
PAAIA Fund$5,000
PAAIA Fund$1,000
Promises Films$10,000
School on Wheels$10,000
Sierra College Foundation$13,500
Silicon Valley Community Foundation$8,702
St. Anne's$10,000
Stanford University - Scholarship$11,500
Stanford University - Graduate School of Business$1,838
Stanford University - Iranian Genome Project$21,976
Sutter Roseville Medical Center Foundation$5,000
Tree People$10,000
UC Davis - ME/SA Iranian Studies$2,437
Universal Love Foundation$30,000
University of Minnesota Foundation$9,923
Village Enterprise Fund$8,752
Year 2009$158,489
Annual Grants$25,000
Persian Cultural Club$25,000
Donor Advised Grants$133,489
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention$465
Crisis Center of Contra Costa County$250
Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation$2,000
Institute of International Education$5,000
Iranian Alliances Across Borders$1,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $2,500
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $30,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $10,000
Iranica Institute$5,000
Kahrizak Foundation$1,000
Mothers Against Poverty$1,000
National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations Foundation$2,500
National Iranian American Council$2,500
National Iranian American Council$1,000
National Iranian American Council$1,000
National Iranian American Council$4,991
National Iranian American Council$5,000
National Iranian American Council$25,000
Oak Knoll PTO$1,000
Omid Foundation USA$500
Oriental Institute$500
PAAIA Fund$3,333
PAAIA Fund$4,000
PAAIA Fund$2,500
PARSA Community Foundation $250
Polaris Project$2,000
PSU Foundation$500
San Francisco Waldorf School Association$1,000
SOS Outreach$1,200
Ubuntu Education Fund$1,500
Walker Art Center, Inc$15,000
Year 2008$403,833
Annual Grants$244,000
Agape Foundation/National Legal Sanctuary for Community Advancement$25,000
Americans for Informed Democracy: A New Hope: US-Iran Relations$5,000
Asia Society: Illuminating Islam$10,000
BAIVOTER: Online voter registration and education and get out the vote$10,000
Center for Iranian Jewish Oral History: Of Strings and Skin$5,000
Children's Hope International Literacy & Development: Adopt A School$5,000
Creating Hope International/Afghan Institue of Learning$5,000
Department of Social Anthropology, St. Andrews: Iranian Anthropological Studies$15,000
Institute of International Education: Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship $5,000
Javane: Funding for one new production in 2008$5,000
Khayam Persian School Foundation: Persian Summer Seminar$7,500
Link Media, Inc: Bridge to Iran$10,000
Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Support for a Persian curatorial position$12,000
Metropolitan Museum of Art$3,000
National Geographic Society: Parvaz (AinaWorld)$5,000
National Iranian-American Council: Civil Society Development Program$20,000
Network of Iranian American Professionals of OC: 2008 voter registration program$5,000
Oriental Institute of Chicago - Persepolis Fortification Archive Project$25,000
Persian Center/Golestan Kids: General support and startup costs$5,000
Persian Center: Golestan Kids (General support for the 2007-2008 school year)$4,000
Promises Films - Global Moms: Iran$25,000
Relief International: Training for Iranian-American interns$10,000
School of Oriental and African Studies, Univ. of London: Archiving of "Golha"$5,000
Smithsonian Institution: Falnama$7,500
University of Maryland: Roshan Institute for Persian Studies$10,000
Donor Advised Grants$159,833
Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative$2,500
College Track$3,000
Institute of International Education$5,000
International School, The$5,000
Iranian Alliances Across Borders$1,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $2,500
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $30,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $18,000
Metropolitan Museum of Art$39,000
National Iranian American Council$10,000
PAAIA Fund$3,333
PARSA Community Foundation$10,000
Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center$500
Providence Child Center Foundation $5,000
Stanford University (The Stanford Challenge)$20,000
Sutter Roseville Medical Center Foundation$5,000
Year 2007$381,369
Annual Grants$205,519
Afsaneh Arts & Culture Society: 2008 Media Outreach$5,000
Child Family Health International: Scholarships to Iranian-American medical students$5,000
CHILD: Youth Ambassadors of Hope$5,000
Eastern Arts: The Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Eastern Arts$10,000
Institute of International Education: Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship $5,000
Iranian Alliances Across Borders - Camp Ayandeh$5,000
Iranian Alliances Across Borders: 2008 Iranian American Student Summit$10,000
Iranian Alliances Across Borders: Camp Ayandeh$20,000
Iranian Students Cultural Organization at UC Berkeley: 2008 Norouz Show$1,000
Iranian Studies Group at MIT: 2007-2008 general operating expenses$5,000
National Iranian-American Council$50,000
Network of Iranian American Professionals of OC: Norouz Banners for the City of Irvine$10,519
Oriental Institute of Chicago - Persepolis Fortification Archive Project$25,000
Persian Cultural Center: Iranian School of San Diego$10,000
Persian Students Association at Stanford - Business Alliance$4,000
Promises Films - Global Moms: Iran$25,000
Tiburon International Film Festival: 2008 Film Festival$5,000
Translation Project:  Anthology of Contemporary Iranian Poetry$5,000
Donor Advised Grants$175,850
Agape Foundation$5,000
Caitlin Gabel School$1,000
Child Foundation$600
Developments in Literacy$2,000
From the Heart Productions$2,000
Global Green$10,000
Institute of International Education$10,000
Institute of International Education/Iran Opportunities Fund$10,000
Inwood House$250
Iranian Alliances Across Borders$1,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $7,500
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $5,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $1,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $2,500
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $15,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $10,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $1,000
Iranian Scholarship Foundation $32,000
J. Craig Venture Institute$10,000
Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation $2,500
National Iranian American Council$10,000
National Iranian American Council$10,000
Oregon Health & Science University Foundation (OHSU)$2,500
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry$1,000
PARSA Community Foundation$2,000
PARSA Community Foundation$5,000
PARSA Community Foundation$5,000
PSU Foundation$3,000
Relief International$500
Sacred Heart Schools$2,500
Stanford University (Iranian Studies Program)$4,000
World Affairs Council of Oregon$1,000
Year 2006$115,517
Annual Grants$115,517
Ashoka: Ashoka-PARSA Fellowship$115,517